Mercedes Sprinter passenger
Mercedes Sprinter passenger

Professional restyling of minibuses and manufacturing of camper vans;
- Selling and manufacturing of camper vans on the Buyer's special order;
- Manufacturing of passenger minibuses;
- Manufacturing of minibuses with berths for 5 persons with an option for motorcycles, quadrocycles (atvs) and snowmobiles transportation;
- Tailoring and constriction of cars and minibuses interior;
- Restoration of vintage car salons;
- 15 years of work experience;
- In non-standard salons we apply manual sewing of products;
- We can make calculations of the salons you like, just send photos to our office: avcampervan@gmail.com
- Cars, minibuses, camper vans;
- Manufacturing of 9 seat passenger minibuses on the basis of Mercedes Sprinter;
- Materials – eco leather;
- Aquaprint: dashboard, radio, door handles, ceiling frame, remote control console, cup holders, airflow grilles, niches with chargers, bar, table;
- In the salon there are: lighting control console, refrigerator, TV, table, bar, ceiling with multi-color adjustable lighting, optional air conditioning at the rear, additional autonomous heater, heated seats, niches with USB / 12V output;
-Parts and interior of the salon can be changed according to the wishes of the client, interior items can be added or removed as needed;
- Production time is from 2 to 4 weeks;
- On all questions apply in English to Arturas +46765936174